Three Types of Vacations We Love to Plan

07.25.21 07:13 PM By kesa

What's Your Vacation Type?

I know you're thinking you’re a travel agent or travel whatever you all are calling yourself these days and should be happy planning any type of travel after the events of 2020.


Well, sorry to tell you, but that is not necessarily true!  After all, the world is sort of like a big place and if we knew everything there is to know about it, then we would stay on Google's top ranked listing!!


So good travel consultants try to focus their expertise around certain areas in the same manner as a good food joint does. I doubt very seriously if any of the major burger places would be labeled as an urban eat spot!


Adult Milestone Travel

What do you sit back and think about when you have a spare moment? Do you find yourself thinking about all the times when you wished you would have picked up the phone or sent that text? As the saying goes, we only have one life to live, so you might as well enjoy it! So, when someone contacts us and they are ready to invite their friends and possibly family with them to an inclusive resort or cruise to celebrate, what is their not to love planning a birthday, anniversary or destination get-together or reunion!


​​Family Travel

As time goes by, family and friends tend to relocate, some near and some far. As the days go by, it seems so hard to get everyone together for a visit. So when we're contacted about a family trip, we remind our clients of a few of the benefits! There is no worrying about who’s sleeping where, whose cleaning up and whose cooking; and most importantly who’s bored? So, you can feel free to invite those adult kids, grandkids, cousins, aunts, uncles and everyone in between.


Celebrate Life Travel

A lot of people don't feel brave enough to go to very far destinations by themselves for fear of the unknown. It could be because of not knowing the language or safety concerns. Whatever, the case it doesn't matter. Just feel free to join one of our hosted trips. You just pick one or more, pay for it and pack your bags!


So just remember, you work hard and manage a lot of things. It's time to let someone else handle the details. You deserve this! Click here to complete our Planning Form to see which type of vacation we can plan for you!

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