Lessons can come from anywhere!

02.02.21 06:31 PM By kesa

As I walked down the hallway of my son's college dorm, I paused to take a picture of the bulletin board across from his room. "Be Better Not Bitter"


Nice and simple message which can be applied to so many areas of our lives!💯


The year of 2020 or any year that you experienced a major event in your life could cause anyone to stop and think about this phrase…"Be Better Not Bitter"

If you are used to attending the annual family reunion or that one cousin's birthday to keep in touch with the family, what are you doing to make up for that missed event?  Are you picking up the phone or sending a quick text to say hi? Let's get better at keeping in touch with our family and friends!


Me, I'm encouraging my clients to start talking to their family and friends about the destinations they want to visit… nothing like getting together for a destination reunion!!!


What about you? Are you getting Better?

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