What's the purpose of Travel Insurance?

02.16.20 01:22 AM By kesa

" If it was planned then it would not be called an Emergency!"

Travel Protection aka Trip insurance is there to protect you if travel emergencies happen, but also to reimburse you for money you’ve already spent on plane tickets, hotel rooms, tours, luggage, and personal items – if you have to cancel before it’s even time to leave. If you think you won’t have travel issues when you travel, consider that: 1)More than 22 million bags are mishandled annually. [1] https://www.sita.aero/resources/type/surveys-reports/baggage-report-2018 

2) More than 300,000 flights annually are cancelled [2] https://www.flightstats.com/v2/global-cancellations-and-delays 

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