What goes into a travel experience?

02.18.20 12:29 AM By kesa

Solutions to "Solve" Your Travel Headaches!

We all hear how important the travel experience is these days. As adults, we know we have to consider it, but sometimes don’t have the money or time to really plan it. What everyone wants is simple and can be accomplished without breaking the bank.

Find yourself a competent and trusted travel consultant. They can assist with identifying ideal destinations, to planning a memorable vacation experience. 

Most have affiliations that leverage a large network of relationships along with negotiation power and supplier assistance to make sure you have access to 

exclusive programs and offers.

I have found out that even in the travel industry there is power in numbers! This doesn’t apply to money only, but sometimes in having a “great time” on a 

vacation vs. a “good time.” A great way to save money and have more fun on your next vacation is by traveling with a group! We have all heard the catch phrase “safety in numbers.”  Well a travel consultant will have access to preferred suppliers who also offer group discounts on vacation packages, excursions & 

cruises on formal & informal types of groups.

Just remember vacations are supposed to be fun! Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with the planning.


We focus on people who love to travel with family and friends, but don't want the stress of planning it or reminding people a payment is due. 

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I will organize and plan your entire group travel package, take care of all the questions, plan special events, handle deposits, final payments, insurance,

  and everything in between. You can sit back and relax knowing that your group is being looked after by a Group Travel Specialist.

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