What are your fun facts?

08.13.20 11:34 PM By kesa

Fun fact about me!

My full name is Waikikse. (Wa-key-sa) My name is not spelled the way it is pronounced. So, I typically introduce myself as Kesa! 

People usually ask me the origin of my name. I was named after a Hawaiian neighborhood of Honolulu on the south shore of the island of O Ľahu most famous for Waikiki beach. My dad visited there while in the service at a young age and thought it was the most beautiful place he had seen. 

So, of course, I made sure Hawaii was one of my bucket list destinations to travel to! 

Now think about fun facts about yourself! 

Is there a place you saw and said to yourself, I have got to experience this for myself? 

Or maybe, you did experience a place and now you want to share it with others?

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