Proper preparation leads to a better travel experience

06.24.21 09:39 AM By kesa

Anxiously waiting to go on your next trip? I know I am all the time!! Even though we may be staying close to home or going far away, we still need to be aware of what is going on around us to make sure we have an enjoyable time while gone.


Here are a few travel reminders when traveling to a destination whether you are familiar with it or not. Remember, places change and so do the people living there. If your travels take you to places that have local customs, please do the proper research in advance. This will ensure you the pack the proper outfits. For instance, in the Caribbean, leave your camouflage clothes at home. Camouflage clothes are only to be worn by the police or military.


Don't carry too much cash or let large amounts be seen. It's also a good idea to leave the flashy jewelry at home. Sometimes standing out from the crowd is not always a good idea, especially in certain destinations!


Make sure someone has a copy of your itinerary, to  make it easier to pinpoint your whereabouts in case of an emergency. Also, have key contacts stored in your phone and email them to yourself, in case your phone is misplaced.


And lastly, always remember, proper preparations, lead to a better travel experience!

When servicing our clients, we make sure this information is given to them, so they are prepared!

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