Benefits Our Clients Experience

Get you VIP amenities! – How does “skipping the line”, exclusive tours, a bottle of wine, or chocolate covered strawberries sound?

Save you money! – Cheapest is not always the best. We match the best options to your situation, giving you the best vacation value and quality.

Remove your frustration! We read the fine print, such as cancellations penalties and restrictions, saving you money…and headaches.

Keep you up to date! – We provide service during all stages of your vacation plans, as we constantly use the products/service we promote.

Get your problems resolved! We are your advocate in the event something inadvertently goes wrong.

No more internet information overload! We stay current with travel trends and travel industry news about your vacation plans, so you don’t have to.

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Birthday "Special" Touch!
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What's Next ?

Vacation needs evolve and routines change.  Just share a few details - we’ll do the rest. 

    • Step 1: Click here to complete Exclusive Escape Form     
    • Step 2: Pay Deposit after personal quote received. 
    • Step 3: Read emails from Your Group Escapes to get you ready for your trip! 
    • Step 4: Depart for Fun!


    • Step 1: Click here to complete     Escape Form     
    • Step 2: Questions - Email/Call: Schedule your free consultation to discuss the details of your vacation.
    • Step 3: Hang tight! We research and plan an awesome experience 
    • Step 4: Pay Deposit after proposal approved  
    • Step 5: Send vacation details to everyone
    • Step 6: Read emails from Your Group Escapes to get you ready for your trip!
    • Step 7: Depart for Fun!

Benefits Our Clients Experience:

What We Do

We specialize in making anniversaries, birthdays, or any occasion, a Vacation Escape to Remember! 

Our focus destinations are the U.S., Caribbean, and Mexico; and we love to plan Adult Milestone Travel and Family Travel Escapes!

  • Educate you with FREE vacation nights (in-person & virtual)

​Enjoy light refreshments and foster new connections!

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  • Provide experiences that exceed value


Send payment reminders, and helpful checklists that make traveling the world more attainable!

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  • Vacation Guidance from A-Z            

Provide you with research and information based details to keep you updated!

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